What is a Certificate of Analysis?

COA = Certificate of Analysis

Certificates of analysis provide full transparency on what's in your CBD products. These are mega important for knowing what you're putting into your body, along with taking note on what cannabinoid profiles are working for you. CBD products should always be third-party tested, meaning a completely separate company tests the products vs. the company producing the CBD.

COAs will list each cannabinoid detected in a CBD product along with the total mg per package, breaking it down to per mL in the case of a tincture. Make sure what is stated on the certificate aligns with what's listed on the label.

If a label says there is 800mg total in a bottled tincture, confirm it aligns with the COA. Look at what cannabinoids make up that 800mg total in the breakdown (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBCV etc...)

Knowing the levels of specific cannabinoids will help you identify how the CBD product is working for you. You can then compare COAs for different products. Journaling is a great way to keep track of this! This can be especially helpful when trying to figure out what time of day a specific cannabinoid might be best for and how much to take.

Final Note:
You want to see the word "PASS" on the COA. This means it doesn't have any dirties in it like pesticides, heavy metals, or other harmful contaminants.

All daisycal CBD products are third party tested and provided on each product page. Transparency is top priority for us and we always want to ensure our CBD tinctures are top quality!