Our Story

Our CBD tinctures are sourced from single origin, certified organic hemp that is hand cultivated and sustainably grown in Berkshire, NY. Expertly crafted with premium, highly active plant-based ingredients to offer optimal balance for your (one and only) body.

Daisycal ties the comfort of our daily rituals with the objects we choose to surround ourselves with. We aim to normalize the practice of self-care and remove the stigmas that plant power may carry through combining the comfort of physical space and mental space. Bringing intention to the way you feel and the aesthetic you surround yourself with so you can feel groovy.


👋Hi, I'm Juli- HBIC at daisycal 

I started taking CBD for my 34 year old body, and to help alleviate the stressors of being a mom of two beautiful, crazy toddlers. Carrying two babies both inside and out of my body was really doing a number on me. I'm so grateful that I chose to integrate CBD into my daily life, and that feeling made me want to tell everyone I knew all about it. 

passion turned into a drive to create my own brand and boutique that not only carries high quality CBD products, but also creates a space that brings intention to how we take care of ourselves and how the things around us make us feel. I found that walking into a traditional head shop wasn't exactly my jam and discovering all of the women-owned, aesthetically modern smokeware inspired me to curate a self-care collection to offer alongside our CBD offerings.

Living & operating in Lakewood, NY, I live with my main man (Mike), son (Otto), daughter (Iris), dog (Pongo) and cat (Priscilla). We bounced around from Denver to Pittsburgh and returned home to WNY in 2019. 

Conscious Retail & Giving Back

We believe in creating an equitable space in retail (and in life). We source our products from women-owned brands & creators. We also donate 1% of our profits to the Last Prisoner Project and the Black Women's Health Imperative. 

We also make an effort to only use recycled and recyclable materials for our packaging when possible.

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