Demi Pipe

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The Demi Pipe by Kenni Field was designed to elevate the aesthetic of smoking. Its ceramic body makes it more durable than traditional glass pieces, and a spacious internal chamber allows for a cooler, less harsh smoke.

The outside of this pipe is a beautiful swirl of black and white with a chartreuse glazed bowl and interior. The black and white has a matte finish which provides a really nice feel in the hand.

The body of each piece is made of porcelain or stoneware, pigments are added directly to the clay in order to achieve vibrant colors. Glaze is applied to the packing bowl and interior to create a glassy barrier between the clay, flower and smoke. This also allows for easy cleaning.

Each pipe measures 3" diameter, 2.25" tall. The bottom has a flat base for stability and is signed by the artist.


*For tobacco use only